20th April 2023: Pat Mc Keown will present “Psychophysics and computational modeling of feature-continuous motion perception” by Topfer and colleagues (2022).

31st March 2023: Guest speaker Ole Jensen will present some of his work on “Applying magnetoencephalography (MEG) to study human cognition”.

14th March 2023: Cian Judd will practice his PhD viva talk, titled “Neurally informed insights into speed-accuracy adaptations in older adults“.

2nd March 2023: Simon Kelly will present “Time-varying decision boundaries: insights from optimality analysis” by Malhotra, Leslie, Ludwig and Bogacz (2018).

7th February 2023: Clinton Haarlem will present “The role of alpha oscillations in temporal binding within and across the senses” by Buergers and Noppeney (2022).

24th January 2023: Harvey McCone will present “Neural signatures of evidence accumulation in temporal decisions” by Ofir and Landau (2022).

16th January 2023: Hadiseh Hajimohammadi will present “EEG is better left alone” by Delorme (2022).

6th December 2022: John Egan will present “A general integrative neurocognitive modeling framework to jointly describe EEG and decision-making on single trials” by Ghaderi-Kangavari, Amani Rad, and Nunez (2022).

8th November 2022: Nathan Evans will present some of his latest work looking at choice confidence, and other elements of decision making.

25th October 2022: Elisabeth Parés-Pujolràs will present “Evidence integration and decision confidence are modulated by stimulus consistency” by Glickman, Moran and Usher (2022).

11th October 2022: Katerina Kalou will present “fMRI and EEG Predictors of Dynamic Decision Parameters during Human Reinforcement Learning” by Frank and colleagues (2015)

20th September 2022: Anna Geuzebroek will present “Decision-making in dynamic, continuously evolving environments: quantifying the flexibility of human choice” Ruesseler and colleagues (2022).

31st August 2022: John Grogan will present “Electrophysiological correlates of confidence differ across correct and erroneous perceptual decisions” by Feuerriegel and colleagues (2022).

9th August 2022: Kieran Mohr will present “The latency of a visual evoked potential tracks the onset of decision making” by Nunez and colleagues (2019).

19th July 2022: Kevin Walsh will present “The computations that support simple decision-making: A comparison between the diffusion and urgency-gating models” by Evans and colleagues (2017).

5th July 2022: Redmond O’Connell will present “Sensorimotor decisions rely on the entanglement of evidence and motor accumulation processes” by Verdonck, Loossens, and Philiastides (2022).

21st June 2022: Pat Mc Keown will present “A key role of orientation in the coding of visual motion direction” by Moon, Tadin and Kwon (2022).

12th May 2022: Elaine Corbett will present her paper “Multiphasic value biases in fast-paced decisions” in preparation for her presentation at the International Conference of Cognitive Neuroscience, ICON 2022 symposium “Arousal and cortical excitability shape adaptive perceptual decision making”. Additionally, Pat Mc Keown will present his research poster “Investigating the reverse motion illusion in random dot kinematograms” in preparation for ICON 2022.

26th April 2022: John Egan will present data and analysis from his own research titled “A perceptual decision-making model of audio-visual signal detection“.

5 April 2022: Clinton Haarlem will present “Alpha-band sensory entrainment alters the duration of temporal windows in visual perception” by Ronconi, Busch, and Melcher (2018).

22 March 2022: Firstly, Fionn O’Sullivan will discuss his final year research project “The effects of mental imagery on perceptual decision making”. Secondly, Sarah Moran will discuss her final year research project “Probing the neural process underlying decisions on a continuum”.

15 March 2022: Simon Kelly will present “A confirmation bias in perceptual decision-making due to hierarchical approximate inference” by Lange et al (2021).

22 February 2022: Harvey Mc Cone will present “Mice alternate between discrete strategies during perceptual decision-making” by Ashwood et al. (2022).

1 February 2022: Hadiseh Hajimohammadi will present “Linear Integration of Sensory Evidence over Space and Time Underlies Face Categorization” by Okazawa, Sha, and Kiani (2021)

11 January 2022: Elisabeth Parés will present “Biased weighting of temporally discrete visual stimuli in a continuous report decision-making task: A combined behavioral and electrophysiological study” by McIntyre, Rangelov and Mattingley (2021).

14 December 2021: Katerina Kalou will present “Abstract neuronal choice signals during embodied decisions” by Sandhaeger et al. (2020).

30 November 2021: Anna Geuzebroek will present “Temporal expectation hastens decision onset but does not affect evidence quality” by van den Brink et al. (2021).

16 November 2021: Richie Halpin will present his research project “Examining the role of urgency signalling in continuous monitoring tasks“. Richie’s research will focus on the contingent negative variation as a signature of urgency, while also examining the centroparietal positivity and beta activity.

2 November 2021: Sarah Moran will present her research project proposal “Investigating ecologically valid perceptual decision making“, involving a continuous outcome random dot kinematogram stimulus and EEG.

19 October 2021: Fionn O’Sullivan will present “Imagery adds stimulus-specific sensory evidence to perceptual detection” by Dijkstra, Kok, and Fleming (2021). Fionn will then present his research project proposal “Investigating the relationship between actively generated mental imagery and perceptual decision making“.

5 October 2021: John Grogan will present “Muscarinic receptors mediate motivation via preparatory neural activity in humans” by Grogan et al. (2021)

21 September 2021: Elaine Corbett will present “Confidence predicts speed-accuracy tradeoff for subsequent decisions” by Desender et al. (2019)

29 June 2021: Anna Geuzebroek will present “Generator localization by current source density (CSD): Implications of volume conduction and field closure at intracranial and scalp resolutions” by Tenke & Kayser (2012)

22 June 2021: John Butler will present “Neural oscillations are a start toward understanding brain activity rather than the end” by Doelling & Assaneo (2021)

11 June 2021: John Egan will present work from his thesis titled “Perceptual evidence accumulation during redundant signal detection: Electroencephalography and computational modelling”

31 May 2021: Katerina Kalou will present “Formation and decay of auditory short-term memory in the macaque monkey” by Teichert & Gurnsey (2019)

5 May 2021: Tarryn Balsdon will present “Separable neural signatures of confidence during perceptual decisions” by Balsdon et al. (2021)

21 April 2021: Clinton Haarlem will present “The steady-state visual evoked potential in vision research: A review” by Norcia et al. (2015)

6 April 2021: Alexandra Martinez Rodriguez will present “Prior expectations of motion direction modulate early sensory processing” by Aitken et al. (2020)

23 March 2021: Redmond O’Connell will present some new results concerning the CNV and urgency.

16 March 2021: Martin Wiener will discuss his time perception research and his associated use of fMRI, EEG and diffusion modelling.

24 February 2021: Kevin Walsh will present ‘Decoding and perturbing decision states in real time‘ by Peixoto et al. (2021)

16 February 2021: Giovanni Di Liberto will present ‘Multiple decisions about one object involve parallel sensory acquisition but time-multiplexed evidence incorporation‘ by Kang et al. (2020)

2 February 2021: Elaine Corbett will present ‘Evidence integration and decision-confidence are modulated by stimulus consistency‘ by Glickman et al. (2020)

14 December 2020: Katerina Kalou will present ‘Dissociation of Medial Frontal beta bursts and executive control‘ by Errington et al. (2020)

4 November 2020: Cian Judd will present ‘The primacy of behavioural research for understanding the brain‘ by Yael Niv (2020)

1 October: Anna Geuzebroek will present ‘Timescales of evidence evaluation for decision making and associated confidence judgements are adapted to task demands‘ by Harun et al. (2020)

18 September 2020: John Butler will present ‘A flexible framework for simulating and fitting generalised drift-diffusion models‘ by Shinn et al. (2020)

4 September 2020: Katerina Kalou will be presenting the paper ‘Decoding and Reconstructing Coloraturas from Responses in Human Visual Cortex‘ by Brouwer et al. (2009)

13 August 2020: Michael Pereira will present his (2020) paper ‘Evidence accumulation determines conscious access

24 July 2020: Kevin Walsh will be presenting his (2020) review ‘Evaluating the Neurophysiological Evidence for Predictive Processing as a Model of Perception

1 July 2020: Sabina Gherman will be presenting the paper ‘Human stereoEEG recordings reveal network dynamics of decision-making in a rule-switching task‘ by Wal et al. (2020)

18 June 2020: Mathieu Servant will be presenting recent results.

28 May 2020: Katerina Kalou will be presenting the paper ‘Decoding motion direction using the topography of sustained ERPs and alpha oscillations‘ by Bae and Luck (2019)

21 May 2020: Kieran Mohr will be presenting the paper ‘The correlation of neuronal signals with behaviour at different levels of visual cortex and their relative reliability for behavioural decisions‘ by Kang et al. (2020)

15 May 2020: Alexandra Martinez Rodriguez will be presenting the paper ‘Goal congruency dominates reward value in accounting for behavioural and neural correlates of value-based decision-making‘ by Fromer et al. (2019)

22 April 2020: Steven Fleming will be presenting a talk titled ‘Confidence and Changes of Mind’.

24 March 2020: Kevin Walsh will be presenting the paper ‘Disentangling Decision-Related Feedforward and Feedback Signals in Human Cortex‘ by Wilming et al. (2020)

12 March 2020: Anna Geuzebroek will be presenting the paper ‘Cortical Sensitivity to Natural Scene Structure‘ by Kaiser et al. (2019)

19 February 2020: Peter Murphy will be presenting the paper ‘Normative Circuit Dynamics Across Human Cortex During Evidence Accumulation in Changing Environments‘ by Murphy et al. (2020)

4 February 2020: Cian Judd will be presenting the paper ‘Computational noise in reward-guided learning drives behavioral variability in volatile environments‘ by Findling et al. (2019)

20 November 2019: Harvey McCone will be presenting the paper ‘Temporal Context Calibrates Interval Timing‘ by Jazayeri and Shadlen (2010)

5 November 2019: Elaine Corbett will be presenting the paper ‘Urgency, Leakage, and the Relative Nature of Information Processing in Decision-making’ by Trueblood et al. (2019)

22 May 2019: Cian Judd will be giving a preview of his first year PhD talk and going through his first experiment.

27 March 2019: Simon Kelly will be presenting the paper ‘Caution in decision-making under time pressure is mediated by timing ability’ by Miletić and van Maanen (2019)

8 March 2019: Redmond O’Connell will be presenting the paper ‘The Quality of Response Time Data Inference: A Blinded, Collaborative Assessment of the Validity of Cognitive Models‘ by Dutilh et al. (2018)

23 January 2019: John Egan will be presenting the paper ‘Decision Making Through Integration of Sensory Evidence at Prolonged Timescales‘ by Waskom and Kiani (2018)

5 December 2018: Katerina Kalou will be presenting the paper ‘Near-Real-Time Feature-Selective Modulations in Human Cortex‘ by Garcia, Srinivasan, and Serences (2013)

11 September 2018: John Egan will be presenting some data from recent experiments

4 July 2018: David McGovern will be presenting the paper ‘Expectations Do Not Alter Early Sensory Processing during Perceptual Decision-Making‘ by Rungratsameetaweemana, Itthipuripat, Salazar, and Serences (2018)

10 April 2018: John Butler will be presenting the paper ‘Inter-areal Balanced Amplification Enhances Signal Propagation in a Large-Scale Circuit Model of the Primate Cortex‘ by Joglekar, Mejias, Yang, and, Wang (2018)

21 March 2018: Jessica Dully will be presenting the paper ‘Choice History Biases Subsequent Evidence Accumulation‘ by Urai, Gee, and, Donner (2018)

27 February 2018: Alexandra Rodriguez will present the paper ‘Feature-based attention modulates feedforward visual processing‘ by Zhang and Luck (2009)

24 January 2018: Kevin Walsh will present ‘High-Level Prediction Signals in a Low-Level Area of the Macaque Face-Processing Hierarchy‘ by Schwiedrzik and Freiwald (2017)

6 December 2017: Redmond O’Connell will present some preliminary data from an experiment examining whether the degree to which motor preparation signals exhibit decision formation dynamics depends on the requirement to translate decisions into immediate action.

22 November 2017: Elaine Corbett will present “The influence of evidence volatility on choice, reaction time and confidence in a perceptual decision” by Zylberberg et al. (2016)

25 October 2017: Ger Loughnane will present “Early evidence affects later decisions: ‘Why evidence accumulation is required to explain response time data” by Winkel et al. (2013)

30 August 2017: Ed Lalor will present some of his latest data

23 August 2017: Kieran will present part 3 of “A Competitive Interaction Theory of Attentional Selection and Decision Making in Brief, Multielement Displays” by Smith and Sewell (2013)

10 August 2017: Kieran Mohr will present part 2 of “A Competitive Interaction Theory of Attentional Selection and Decision Making in Brief, Multielement Displays” by Smith and Sewell (2013)

26 July 2017: Kieran Mohr will present “A Competitive Interaction Theory of Attentional Selection and Decision Making in Brief, Multielement Displays” by Smith and Sewell (2013)

28 June 2017: Wouter Rys will present “Mesolimbic confidence signals guide perceptual learning in the absence of external feedback by Guggenmos et al. (2016)

17 May 2017: Kevin Walsh will present “Neural markers of predictive coding under perceptual uncertainty revealed with Hierarchical Frequency Tagging” by Gordon et al. (2017)

8 March 2017: Ciara Devine will present “Perceptual learning alters post-sensory processing in human decision-making” by Diaz et al., (2016)

8 February 2017: John Egan will present “Multisensory Decision-Making in Rats and Humans” by Raposo et al. (2012)

25 January 2017: Claire Gillen  will present a pre publication manuscript “Metacognitive impairments extend perceptual decision making weaknesses in compulsivity” by Hauser et al. (2017, in press)

11 January 2017: Ger will present “Global gain modulation generates time-dependent urgency during perceptual choice in humans” by Murphy et al. (2016)

15 December 2016: Emmet will be presenting the paper – “Independent Causal Contributions of Alpha- and Beta-Band Oscillations during Movement Selection” – (Brinkman et al., 2016).

26th October 2016: Wouter will present Gherman & Philiastides’ (2015) paper “Neural representations of confidence emerge from the process of decision formation during perceptual choices.”

12th October 2016: Jess will introduce Heitz & Schall’s (2012) paper “Neural Mechanisms of Speed Accuracy Trade Off

28th September 2016: David will present Bell et al.’s 2016 paper “Encoding of Stimulus Probability in Macaque Inferior Temporal Cortex

13th July 2016: This week’s topic is Javadi et al’s 2015 paper, “Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Motor Cortex Biases Action Choice in a Perceptual Decision Task”, presented by Emmet.

23rd June 2016: John will present this week’s paper by Otto and Mamassian, 2012, “Noise and Correlations in Parallel Perceptual Decision Making”.

15th June 2016: Kivi will present this week’s paper by Noorbaloochi et al, 2015, “Payoff Information Biases a Fast Guess Process in Perceptual Decision Making under Deadline Pressure: Evidence from Behavior, Evoked Potentials, and Quantitative Model Comparison”.

8th June 2016: Wouter will be presenting a 2015 paper by Meyniel et al this week, “Confidence as Bayesian Probability: From Neural Origins to Behavior”.

27th April 2016: This week Emmet will be presenting Haith et al’s 2016 paper, “Independence of Movement Preparation and Movement Initiation”.

13th April 2016: This week we will be discussing Egner et al’s 2010 paper, “Expectation and Surprise Determine Neural Population Responses in the Ventral Visual Stream”, presented by Dave.

30th March 2016: Ciara will be presenting Carland et al’s 2015 paper, “Evidence against perfect integration of sensory information during perceptual decision making”.

16th March 2016: This week Wouter will be presenting van den Berg et al’s 2016 paper, “A common mechanism underlies changes of mind about decisions and confidence”. We will be joined this week by Professor Nick Yeung.

2nd March 2016: This week we’re discussing  Purcell and Kiani’s 2016 paper, “Neural Mechanisms of Post-error Adjustments of Decision Policy in Parietal Cortex”, presented by Redmond.

10th February 2016: This week Emmet will be presenting Helfrich et al’s 2014 paper, “Entrainment of Brain Oscillations by Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation”.

27th January 2016: This week we will be discussing Polanía et al’s 2014 paper, “Neural Oscillations and Synchronization Differentially Support Evidence Accumulation in Perceptual and Value-Based Decision Making”, presented by Ger.

13th January 2016: Our first journal club of the new year! This week we’ll be discussing Hanks et al’s 2014 paper “A neural mechanism of speed-accuracy trade-off in macaque area LIP”, presented by Natalie.

9th December 2015: This week’s paper will be presented by Adrien, who has suggested Silverstein et al’s 2014 paper “P3b, consciousness, and complex unconscious processing”.

25th November 2015: This week we will be discussing Uchida et al’s 2006 review paper, “Seeing at a glance, smelling in a whiff: rapid forms of perceptual decision making”, as suggested by Simon.

18th November 2015: This week’s discussion is on Hsu et al’s 2015 paper, “Distinctive Representation of Mispredicted and Unpredicted Prediction Errors in Human Electroencephalography”, which will be presented by Jess.

4th November 2015: This week Isabel will be presenting Flevaris and Murray’s 2015 paper, “Attention Determines Contextual Enhancement versus Suppression in Human Primary Visual Cortex”.

28th October 2015: Ger will present this week’s journal club on Carpenter et al’s 2009 paper, “A simple two-stage model predicts response time distributions”.

7th October 2015: This week Wouter will present Fleming et al’s 2015 paper, Action-Specific Disruption of Perceptual Confidence”.

30th September 2015: This week we will be discussing Petrov et al’s 2011 paper, “Dissociable perceptual-learning mechanisms revealed by diffusion-model analysis”, presented by Dave.

28th July 2015: This week Kivi will be presenting Mulder et al’s 2012 paper, “Bias in the Brain: A Diffusion Model Analysis of Prior Probability and Potential Payoff”.

22nd July 2015: Redmond will present this week’s paper, “Cortical information flow during flexible sensorimotor decisions”, by Siegel et al, 2015.