Lab Members



Principal Investigator

Redmond O'Connell - Ussher Lecturer and PI, Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience  Redmond O’Connell, PhD

Postdoctoral Researchers

David McGovern - PhD Candidate TCD Neuroscience  David McGovern, PhD

Ger Loughnane - PhD Candidate TCD Neuroscience  Ger Loughnane, PhD

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 13.03.17  Emmet McNickle, PhD

headshot_cropped  Elaine Corbett, PhD


PhD Students

Ciara Devine - PhD Candidate TCD Neuroscience  Ciara Devine

JDully lab page photo  Jessica Dully

12511884_923752427674087_1176993260_n-1.jpg  Wouter Rys

image1  Kevin Walsh

Research Assistants

10499507_1080167698667306_531976216944776021_o  Cian Judd

Samantha Mitchell



dee  Deirdre Twomey, PhD

Daniel Newman - PhD Candidate TCD Monash University Melbourne Neuroscience  Dan Newman, PhD

Christine Gaffney - MSc TCD Neuroscience  Christine Gaffney

PhD Candidate, School of Psychology and Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience  Siobhán Harty, PhD


Peter Murphy, PhD

Aoife Hayes, MSc