May 2022: The O’Connell team will travel to Helsinki, Finland for the International Conference of Cognitive Neuroscience, ICON 2022. Elaine Corbett will present at the symposium “Arousal and cortical excitability shape adaptive perceptual decision making”. Katerina Kalou, John Grogan, Kevin Walsh, Cian Judd, Harvey Mc Cone, and Pat Mc Keown will also present their research during the poster sessions.

September 2021: We are delighted to welcome three new members to the team – John Grogan (Postdoctoral Fellow), Jennifer Croyts (Research Assistant) and Pat McKeown (Research Assistant) who will all be working on our ERC-funded IndDecision project.

July 2021: The O’Connell lab have joined the newly formed Predictive Brain Health Modelling Group at Trinity College Dublin. The group is comprised of several labs with a shared interest in using data science to understand how to keep our brains healthy.

March 2021: We’re hiring again!! Positions are now available in the lab for a PhD student and a research assistant. The deadline for applications is the 16th of April. See our Opportunities page for full information

November 2020: We’re hiring! Check out the Opportunities page for details of a new postdoctoral research position.

April 2020:  We’ve been awarded a Tripartite R01 grant jointly funded by the US National Institute of Mental Health, Science Foundation Ireland, and HSC Northern Ireland, to investigate the neural architecture of decisions abstracted from movements, in collaboration with Simon Kelly, KongFatt Wong-Lin, Stephan Bickel and Mike Shadlen.

February/March 2020: Congratulations to Drs Jessica Dully and Wouter Rhys who both passed their PhD vivas!

December 2019: We are delighted to have been awarded a European Research Council Consolidator grant (2020-2025) for our IndDecision project that will develop a new neurally-informed computational modelling framework for studying individual and group differences in decision making. Keep an eye on our Opportunities page as we will be recruiting several postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers in 2020.

November 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Ciara Devine!

September 2019: Ciara Devine present her talk ‘A Neural Signature of Dynamic Urgency in Human Perceptual Decision Making’ at CCN in Berlin. We had a great time at the conference.

June 2019: Congratulations to Elaine Corbett for winning a 2019 Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience.

March 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Ciara Devine on passing her viva. Many thanks to her examiners Floris De Lange and Fiona Newell for a great discussion.

February 2019: Congratulations to Elaine Corbett who has been awarded a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship! The award will allow her to pursue an exciting new line of research examining the computations and neural processes that enable us to make decisions when faced with a continuum of alternatives. Well done Elaine!

November 2018: We would like to welcome the latest addition to the O’Connell Lab, our new post-doc Katerina Kalou.

September 2018: Congratulations David McGovern on his appointment to an Assistant Professorship at Dublin City University – We wish the McGovern Lab every success!

June 2018: Congratulations to Cian Judd on receiving an Usher Scholarship from Trinity College Dublin to pursue his PhD research in the O’Connell lab.

May 2018: The lab bids a very fond farewell to Ger Loughnane and Samantha Mitchell, you will be missed!


October 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Elaine Corbett for receiving an IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship and Kevin Walsh for receiving an IRC Postgraduate Scholarship.

June 2017: Redmond was a guest on NewsTalk recently to talk about decision making. You can listen here.

Congratulations to Dr. Deirdre Twomey who graduated on Friday. Well done Dee!


May 2017: Redmond gave a talk on his work at an ERC researcher’s event at the Science Gallery.

April 2017: We were delighted to learn that Deirdre Twomey’s “The classic P300 encodes build-to-threshold decision variable” was the most highly cited 2015 paper in the European Journal of Neuroscience.

March 2017: Kevin Walsh has been working with us as a Research Assistant and we are delighted that he will commence his PhD here in September.

November 2016: Congratulations to Dr. Emmet McNickle on his graduation.

October 2016: The lab was featured in an RTE documentary on the psychology and neuroscience of visualisation in sport. You can see footage here!

Congratulations to Dr. Deirdre Twomey on passing her viva!

August 2016: We are very much looking forward to the upcoming Motivation and Cognitive Control symposium in St Andrews. Ciara, Ger, Dave and Christine are all presenting posters, make sure to check them out!

July 2016: New paper published at The Journal of Neuroscience, Twomey et al, “Abstract and Effector-Selective Decision Signals Exhibit Qualitatively Distinct Dynamics before Delayed Perceptual Reports” pdf.

June 2016: New paper published at Scientific Reports, Newman et al, “Ocular exposure to blue-enriched light has an asymmetric influence on neural activity and spatial attention”. pdf

April 2016: New paper accepted at The Journal of Neuroscience, Twomey et al, “Abstract and Effector-Selective Decision Signals Exhibit Qualitatively Distinct Dynamics before Delayed Perceptual Reports”.

April 2016: Congratulations to Dr Ger Loughnane who graduated on Friday! Well deserved.


March 2016: Stephen Fleming has published an excellent commentary in eLife on two decision making papers, including Murphy et al’s 2015 paper, which is well worth a read. Find it here.

January 2016: We have a new Twitter page! Follow @ConnellLab for the latest updates from our lab.

January 2016: Deirdre Twomey‘s paper, ‘The classic P300 encodes a build-to-threshold decision variable’ is among the European Journal of Neuroscience‘s top 10 most popular papers of 2015.

January 2016: New paper accepted at Current Biology, Loughnane et al, “Target selection signals influence perceptual decisions by modulating the onset and rate of evidence accumulation”

January 2016: New paper accepted at eLife, Murphy et al “Neural evidence accumulation persists after choice to inform metacognitive judgments.” pdf

January 2016: Dr Emmet McNickle has joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher.

September 2015: Jessica Dully and Wouter Rys have joined the lab as PhD students.

July 2015: ‘The classic P300 encodes a build-to-threshold decision variable’ (Twomey et al., 2015) is the featured article and cover of the European Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 42, Issue 1.