Probing the Neural Processes Underpinning Decisions on a Continuum

My current research has two main focusses:

    1. using EEG signatures of decision formation to inform computational models of how the brain makes perceptual decisions
    2. understanding perceptual decisions with continuous outcomes

Most of our current understanding of perceptual decisions comes from choices with just two alternative outcomes. In this project we are using non-invasive recordings from the human electroencephalogram (EEG) to investigate decisions with a continuum of potential outcomes. See a recent presentation from the Neuromatch 4.0 conference, December 2021.

Neuromatch 2021 presentation


We recently developed a method to constrain computational models of perceptual decision making directly using motor preparation signals from human EEG (see preprint link). Watch our Research Assistant Pat Mc Keown describe a recent study using this method to understand value biases in decision making:

Corbett, E. A., Alexandra Martinez-Rodriguez, L., Judd, C., O’Connell, R. G., & Kelly, S. P. (2021). Multiphasic value biases in fast-paced decisions. BioRxiv, link