Katerina received a Degree in Psychology from the University of Athens in 2008, the MSc in Cognitive Sciences from the University of Trento in 2013 and the PhD in Bioengineering and Robotics from the University of Genova in 2018.  Her research interests span visual psychophysics, EEG and machine learning. In her current work Katerina uses electrophysiology and computational modelling to study the different information processing steps that enable perceptual decision making and the neural processes that regulate the interplay between perception, prediction and action.



Kalou, K., Gibaldi, A., Canessa, A. and Sabatini, S.P., 2017, September. Learning a Compositional Hierarchy of Disparity Descriptors for 3D Orientation Estimation in an Active Fixation Setting. In International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (pp. 192-199). Springer, Cham